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6战7球!英格兰之王归来 2014世界杯正名之战

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England God regression


Tens of thousands of fans in England at Wembley in waiting,the 66 year old old man Hodgson in waiting. A war againstPoland, England only needs a victory can directly getpromotion tickets for next year's World Cup, but the goal did not come. Until forty-first minutes, Rooney in the crowd of high Gao Yueqi, was lit by the audience's passion.


Forty-first minutes, Baines left out in accurate crosses 6 yards,Lunimen header, 1-0! England team finally lead. This grain of goal fat eating a letter to the court of Hodgson and England fans. Tai Gong as cheerful as a lark, fans now singing, now dancing, a ball in hand, the three lions victory is not far away.Finally, Gerrard added a ball, Brazil, the England team!


Brazil, Rooney came! The last 6 World Cup qualifying matches, the Manchester United striker scored 7 goals, statehot. Recently, he has scored 12 home game, the England team is 11 wins and only 1 negative. It can be said that Rooney isthe three lions can qualify for next year's World Cup finals, the first of his. However, the preliminary contest is just the starting point, next year's world cup is, is he should shine stage.


In February 12, 2003, Rooney in a friendly match againstAustralia on the England team debut, has been 10 years and 240 days, a total of Three Lions played 86 games, scoring 38 goals, not only beyond Erwin to become the England team in the official game players with the most goals, in team historyscorer, he also followed by Erwin with 2 goals, the ultimate goal against 49 ball record the great Bobby - Charlton.


However, in practice for 10 years, Rooney criticized it is in the international contest performance. The 2004 European Cup hisstunning debut, against Switzerland and Croatia two qualifiersfor the plum to open two degrees, shaking the entire European soccer world. However the next contest memory is the gray or black: the 2006 World Cup, he scored 0 goals in threematches, 16 strong wars against Portugal, is the club team mate C Luo enraged, earned a red card, which led to thegrievances, the bottom fell into the occupation career. The 2008 European Cup, he led the tournament qualifying race,even the doors are not touch. The 2010 World Cup group match, also is the 0 goal, 1/8 finals is experienced by Germanslaughter. Last year's European Cup, encounter the suspended Rooney in the group at the end of the warresurfaces, scored a goal, but the last war hit Italy and be cast into the shade.


Not the 2004 European Cup, Rooney he participated in therecent 3 international competitions, 10 games only scored 1 goals, the knock-out is 0 goals. The next World Cup he isunder the age of 29 years, and not 10 years ago boy, if you want to completely establish the historical status of the world's top stars, will be in Brazil in 2014 with the goal and prove their performance, this is the best opportunity for him, I am afraid it will be his last.



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